Core Values

Corporate Social Responsibility

At TUSC, we view the assessment and management of the social, environmental and ethical impacts of our business practices to be an integral part of our responsibility to our employees, clients, business partners, stakeholders, the local community and the environment. 

This have been achieved through:

Our initiatives

Respect for the Environment



Which have been designed to meet our social responsibility objectives. These initiatives include our code of ethics and our policies. These are aimed at community engagement, ethics and human rights, as well as pollution and environmental management, equality and diversity, excellent employment and skills development practices, prevention of bribery and corruption, discrimination and harassment, and sustainable practices.
TUSC implements its own EMS (Environmental Management System) to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Our EMS influences our decision-making processes and actions on a daily basis, including limiting waste, water, gas and electrical usage, emissions, and unnecessary travel. We encourage our employees to car-share or ride bicycles to work. We monitor our impact on the environment through our EMS and consistently review and improve our sustainability targets.
Our quality policy is meticulously designed to help us achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a system of procedures that reflect the competence of the company to existing clients, potential customers, and independent auditing authorities. Implementation of this policy involves all staff, under the guidance of our Quality Manager, with overview by our Directors.
We recognize that growth cannot be achieved without integrity, and believe in accountability and ethical responsibility for ourselves, our suppliers and our clients. Our ethics and accountability policy is reviewed annually, and we have a proactive internal system in place to detect, and act promptly regarding, violations of our ethical code.

Supporting Sustainable Practices Through Our Work


TUSC’s clients are innovative global leaders in the implementation of sustainable practices. We work with our client and their design team assisting them to reduce their carbon footprint, achieve the maximum BREEAM accreditation as well as Wiredscore platinum status for their development. Working with clients who are as committed as we are to sustainability, enables us to listen, be inspired, and to improve our own sustainable goals.  TUSC has a long history of supporting sustainability through our work, ensuring that renewable sources of energy are connected and assisting green practices to be implemented in the wider community. Whether we are looking at the feasibility of sustainable utility infrastructure, expanding renewable energy sites throughout the UK, or bringing in electricity connections that link to biofuel CHP generation and battery storage we are always striving to improve community access to sustainable power sources.  We have and are working on inner city regeneration projects as well as renewable projects.  Many of these projects will have some impact on the local community and therefore we strive to have a positive impact both in the way we liaise with the local community and present our clients’ projects.
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Our employees are well versed in our policies & practices and are motivated to ensure success so as to make sustainability easier to achieve. We set high standards, and every year, we raise the bar. We do this through fostering essential qualities in our employees like leadership, innovation & communication.  TUSC’s management team works together to develop and review our sustainability policy annually. We consult with our employees about the best methods of implementing our policy in practice, take on board their suggestions, and have therefore developed a framework that ensures success.
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