Renewable Energy

TUSC has facilitated over the years large scale connections including associated easements and engineering consents for many hydro, solar, wind and more recently battery storage renewable projects.
Anesco resolved connection issues and organised the required engineering and wayleave consents over third party land for the cable route in respect of a number of renewable developments
BayWareprovided consultancy and expertise with obtaining road works licence, easement and overhead line consents plus advice as regards archaeological matters and NG SOW charges
Belectricto assist on a number of its sites with the obtaining of engineering consent from National Grid, Environment Agency consent and to liaise with the DNO and ICP as regards wayleaves and the energisation of the connection
West Solent Solar Co-operativeprovided connections consultancy to this rare-in-the-sector co—operative on its sites in Hampshire
Statkraft – various sites in Wales and Scotland – consents and connection services for transmission, 132kV and 33kv overhead networks