Welcome to TUSC: The Home of Intelligent Connections. 

TUSC (The Utility Solutions Company) is a consultancy for large-scale multi-utility connections (and diversions) projects. We work in a multitude of industry sectors, comprising renewable, industrial, residential, retail, sports and leisure projects. Our clients include global leaders in renewable energy and data centre markets. TUSC is committed to Net Zero. 




Depending on the type of development, we are able to provide our clients with pre-acquisition utility assessments, working through their options and potential costs to enable them to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with their purchase.
Upon acquisition of a development we work with the clients’ design team and project manager to find the optimum solution to enable smart utility connections that support reduced carbon footprint, create cost savings and enable our client to maximize their development’s full potential.
TUSC regularly participates in regulatory consultations both as a stakeholder and independent consultee to ensure we keep up to date with regulatory changes and can have an active input into proposed changes.
We attend Distribution Network Operator (DNO) workshops as well as a number of invitation-only electricity and water working parties and have held direct dialogues with Ofgem on several occasions. 
By having an active role TUSC is able to represent the views and needs of its clients and have an active input and influence over policies and procedures.




Consents being one of TUSC’s specialisms, we have in depth knowledge and experience in this field and can assist our clients with obtaining:
  • Legal documents. 
  • Assessing what legal rights there are in respect of existing apparatus.
  • Route proving work.
  • Negotiation of wayleaves, easements, lease renewals and freehold acquisitions.
  • Agreeing and drawing up of Heads of Terms.
  • Producing legal plans.
  • Tracking the legal process through to completion, liaising with all relevant parties and resolving any issues that may occur during the process.


What makes TUSC different from our competitors?
Our unique position in the utility industry which combines knowledge, experience and the ability to lobby and legitimately influence utility companies’ policies and procedures so as to benefit our clients’ project needs.
We excel at achieving significant cost savings for clients while keeping site connections on track and meeting deadlines.
We embrace innovative thinking to create bespoke and often cutting edge solutions which enable our clients to get the most value from their development.