Commercial & Industrial

TUSC has organised multi-utility connections for several commercial developments, including supermarkets, multi-use schemes, data centres, and large warehouses.
Whiteley’s Shopping Centre, London – multi-utility consultancy services
Oxford St, London – connections consultancy, including advising on choice of diversions and connections providers
Avocet Distribution Park, Rainham, Essex– provision of full connections consultancy choice of connection provider, paralegals (lease, cable and wayleave consents) plus  and supply and metering.  Overseeing on time delivery
Fora Space sites, London – multi-utility consultancy services
Genting Resort World, NEC Birmingham – ‘sanity’ check and consents work services for electricity, gas and telecoms
Hackney Fashion Hub, North East London – multi-utility consultancy
Glasgow Airport Investment Area (GAIA) – Provide advice on a range of aspects relating to utilities for the proposed development and a strategy for obtaining utility connections.