Meet the Team

Steve Gist – CEO, Board of Directors

Having worked in the utility industry since 1974, Steve has a reputation for innovative solutions to getting any job done within project constraints. He has a property related background and has been a leader within the contestable utility markets since their inception.

Charlotte Gist – CFO, Board of Directors

Charlotte has worked in the utility industry for over two decades.  Her extensive range of management and financial skills, and her background in accounting, allow her to run TUSC while ensuring cohesion across the wide range of services we deliver.

Dan Sandbrook – Associate Director – Operations

Dan joined TUSC as a Senior Project Manager in January 2020.   He has many years’ experience working in the utility industry and in more recent years specialising in multi-utility new connections projects.   Dan is a Technician Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (TMIET) and with his previous background working for an ICP provides the technical expertise for all TUSC’s projects.  Dan is part of TUSC’s senior management team.

Tony O’Connor – Associate Director – Corporate

Tony joined TUSC in August 2023 having previously held the position of Business Development Manager at Eclipse Power Networks.  Tony has a property related background in planning and development in addition to his many years of experience in the utility industry.  Tony is part of TUSC’s senior management team.

Reece Burkey – Project Manager

Reece joined TUSC in 2019 having come from a different industry sector, when seeking a career change.  His previous career focused on providing good client/customer service through which he honed his communication skills.  He is a qualified project manager and works on TUSC’s major projects.

Edward Jolley – Project Manager

Following a successful and rewarding career in the armed forces, Edward embarked on gaining experience in civilian roles with his previous post, prior to joining TUSC, being Customer Service and Operations Manager.   He thrives on ensuring client/customer satisfaction through the use of creative and practical skills, based on the solid foundations, experience and values attained during his armed forces career.

Gabriel Muers – Administrator – Projects

An experienced copywriter, Gabriel joined TUSC at the beginning of 2023.  With many creative talents, Gabriel is part of our projects team, providing project support, undertaking research, writing reports and attending industry related events.

Stevie Drogemuller – Administrator – Projects

Growing up in Canada and the UK, Stevie joined TUSC in 2023 to work as part of our project team.  With a background in both administration and design, Stevie provides project support as well as working on aspects of our projects requiring CAD work relating to our consents / paralegal services. Stevie, in addition to English, speaks French and Japanese to an intermediate level.