TUSC’s goal is to successfully deliver utility solutions across a diverse range of major projects, applying unique thought to find solutions to complicated and unusual situations. Our CEO brings four decades of experience working in the utilities sector who is supported by capable, knowledgeable and proactive Project Managers which together forms the backbone of our company’s knowledge and ensures our ability to deliver.  TUSC always add value, we listen, we ask the right questions, and our understanding of industry lead times together with our knowledge ensures success. We spend time in person at your development sites. We understand your business needs. We’re always improving.  Whether ensuring timely connections to sites, or connecting with people, we understand the importance of building good long-lasting relationships.
We have a proven track record of success, including:
  • On time, on budget power connections to major Data Centres (up to 20 MVA), commercial and industrial sites.
  • On time, on budget gas and water connections to medium and large scale industrial and commercial projects.
  • Resolution of wayleave issues.
  • Reviewing routes for utility apparatus and site access – identifying and resolving ‘pinch point’ issues previously overlooked.
  • Obtaining and advising on contestable grid connections to medium and large renewable generation schemes.
  • Sustainability: through our works on solar, wind and other renewable large scale projects TUSC has been committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations since its foundation in 2005.
  • Major multi-utility connections and diversions for commercial/industrial including mixed use commercial/ residential developments, stadia, and retail developments.
Our approach comprises a combination of innovation and time served skills, plus a relentless determination to deliver the client’s requirements regardless of the obstacles we encounter. The result is that our involvement adds measurable value either financially or by time saved in delivery.